Sunday, September 25, 2011

Color Trends For 2012

Each year Benjamin Moore shares with us the color trends for the coming year. 2012 trends will be defined by the words "preservation" and "protection."
The concepts are based on "preserving" that which engages the past with the present. Themes include textures of homespun fabric, plaids, florals, native stripes, toile, paisleys, embroidery and denim. Colors include khaki, taupe, camel, sand and stone. Woodbark browns, earthy reds and golden and sunny yellows will be used to provide a lacquered shine to matte finishes. 
Indigos and true-blue denims will border from luxury to casual appeal. Greens will enjoy a resurgence. Digital reds and organic oranges will be used to complement gray-scale combinations.
In terms of our “protection,” the space between living in isolation and belonging, the d├ęcor is bold. Spikes, abstract paintings, metal, multi-patterns, wire cages and feathers will illustrate our need for comfort, safety and security.
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