Thursday, November 10, 2011

Window treatments


If you haven't noticed yet, I am all about rich vibrant colors, blame it on my culture or simply living in Portland for over 10 years where you need colors inside your house to balance the greys outside.
I love bringing colors into my place using paints, rug and textiles; while avoiding a purple or orange sofa.
For my new studio space windows,I realized-itʼs hard to make decisions for your own space; your mind plays tricks on you and there is nobody to bounce back ideas with – No wonder I love working with my designers/customers.
My idea is to stimulate the eyes and give prospect designers/customers how their windows could look with different styles.
So i got this mood board started:

1.The textured double color look-
Two draperies complimenting yet contrast colors hanging side by side and solving the dilemma of to puddle or not to puddle i want to show one drapery barely touching floor and the other with a little bit puddle
Clients are always double minded so a live sample will help.
2.I like the curtains paired with shades and also partial print or embroidery towards the top and bottom of the drape makes it interesting.

3.Ripple-fold drapes
4.My very favorite banded curtains,I love 1-2” stripe of contrast fabric on a simple drapery-It’s a great way of keeping the drapes simple and bringing the accent touch to the room.

5.The embroidery on the edges of the drapes and block print draperies that will represent my unstoppable love for block prints.
Now I have to pick fabrics and finalize my choices!What's your favorite style?How do like your draperies served?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Make overs and more

Quick updates on how things are changing and looking better at the showroom.
The reception desk is painted and looks great remember the before

The little scraps from last upholstery project have given a new look to my chair
and here the workspace so far
 So clean so far...