Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A home comprises people...and lots of pillows.

A fireplace, a cup of coffee, chitter-chatter and snug pillows, it’s true that there’s no place like home. Though every home reflects its own character, there are some that leave us with lasting impressions. 

Let’s take a look at the most effortless way to create a stunning home.

It’s true that pillows can spruce up a room like no other soft furnishing. 
Exotic or glamorous, rustic or contemporary, geometric or floral, pillows will add just the persona you want to create for your home. Since they are quick to change or buy, and quite often economical too, they are one of the most practical ways to redesign a home.

This is a picture of Filling Spaces’ golden and silver work pillows, adding a touch of glamour to the bedroom.

Add them to your sofa or your bed, put in another little decorative piece, like a vase, lamp or a wall hanging to tie in the colour, and there, you’ve just given your room a makeover! 

If you have a bathroom with a bay window, all you need to do is add a pillow for that sole touch of lavishness. 

With season, our mood tends to change too. Why not change the pillows too? The vibrant ones will always erase away the gloominess that comes with the cold weather.

When looking for pillows for your living room keep in mind the size of your sofa. 

For the bedroom, you can vary the sizes and shapes of the pillows. The large ones are often very comfortable. Also, the more no. of pillows, the better. They will only make the bedroom more comfortable and cozy.


Whether it’s the exquisite intricate decorative pillows you are looking for, or simple ones to rest your head on, Filling Spaces offers an assortment of luxurious and vintage fabrics and designs.

Filling Spaces takes pride in their handcrafted pillows, an idiosyncratic mix of Indian art and extraordinary finesse. These include vintage handwoven kantha work, block prints, apliqué and arry work and machine embroidered. These can also be individually tailored according to your tastes and needs. 

Attempt this little makeover and observe the instant contentment you get from it. Perhaps, they are right when they say home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Woodblock Printing

Considered by many to be the most artistic method of textile printing, woodblock printing is also one of the oldest. Records dating back to 300 BC show that the first and most primitive woodblocks were created and used in the Egyptian port of Alexandria, where fine cottons, silks, and techniques were traded, and introduced to ancient civilizations in China, Assyria, and India. 

A standardized method was developed where a block would be carved out of wood and a drawing of the design would be transferred onto it. The delicate designs are carved out by hand, the finished product being a flat relief. The reliefs wear down quickly, so they are usually reinforced with strips of brass or copper – a method known as coppering. To print the design, the printer applies color to the block and presses it firmly onto the cloth. The block is struck to ensure an even impression. A second impression is made in the same manner, aligning each print symmetrically. If the pattern contains several colors, the cloth is printed fully with the first color, and must fully dry until the second may be printed. Although woodblock printing is a very slow process, it is capable of producing highly artistic results unattainable by any other method.  

A video from West Elm shows the specialized, laborious process of woodblock printing.

Filling Spaces has all kinds of beautiful block printed items, like napkins, tablecloths and quilts. They are available in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns to add a splash of color to any space. The quilts are so soft and are a great addition to any family space.  


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Window treatments


If you haven't noticed yet, I am all about rich vibrant colors, blame it on my culture or simply living in Portland for over 10 years where you need colors inside your house to balance the greys outside.
I love bringing colors into my place using paints, rug and textiles; while avoiding a purple or orange sofa.
For my new studio space windows,I realized-itʼs hard to make decisions for your own space; your mind plays tricks on you and there is nobody to bounce back ideas with – No wonder I love working with my designers/customers.
My idea is to stimulate the eyes and give prospect designers/customers how their windows could look with different styles.
So i got this mood board started:

1.The textured double color look-
Two draperies complimenting yet contrast colors hanging side by side and solving the dilemma of to puddle or not to puddle i want to show one drapery barely touching floor and the other with a little bit puddle
Clients are always double minded so a live sample will help.
2.I like the curtains paired with shades and also partial print or embroidery towards the top and bottom of the drape makes it interesting.

3.Ripple-fold drapes
4.My very favorite banded curtains,I love 1-2” stripe of contrast fabric on a simple drapery-It’s a great way of keeping the drapes simple and bringing the accent touch to the room.

5.The embroidery on the edges of the drapes and block print draperies that will represent my unstoppable love for block prints.
Now I have to pick fabrics and finalize my choices!What's your favorite style?How do like your draperies served?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Make overs and more

Quick updates on how things are changing and looking better at the showroom.
The reception desk is painted and looks great remember the before

The little scraps from last upholstery project have given a new look to my chair
and here the workspace so far
 So clean so far...

Monday, October 31, 2011

To a happy start

Filling Spaces-new showroom is a great space for showing my merchandize especially with more square footage-SO EXCITING! 
I don’t have to share my space -like before.Can have an actual bed to display a” bedding ensemble” – Hurray!
OMG, these big windows-can’t wait to endow them with my gorgeous custom draperies,forcing people to gaze, again and again!
The property owners Henry Kofron,Peter Michaelson and David Hassin have turned this corner building into dream stores for many one-of-a-kind businesses-many women owned.
 Oh,talking about creative women-Peter’s daughter’s blog is exquisite. It comprises of pictures and updates concerning the transformation of the film exchange building.
To be amidst like-minded people is the best part – its like I’m in a CREATIVE POWERHOUSE.I have LOOT showroom on my right.Interior designer Julie Peirce has so many great things in her store.

Kathy Maughan has her studio in the neighborhood. I interned with her 10 years ago – find memories!  She has a great showroom offering Kitchen and bath remodeling services.
Another cool apparel designer in our hood is Hillary Day. Her collection of tailored and sophisticated raincoats is worth checking out. 
Jutta Bach designs and makes custom cake. They are absolutely yummy–tasted a few last week. I’m so glad she’s around the corner to satisfy my sweet carvings"

Will update you on more inspiring talents around next week.
I’M OPEN NOW, just got my new signage and door decals.I believe they look chic.Stop by sometime to share your opinion.
I will have an official opening in FEBRUARY, as I have a container with exciting treasures and furniture coming from INDIA by end of November or early DECEMBER!There are so many intricate design pieces I am still designing and adding to my collection coming on the container – my fantastic team in India makes anything I design!
I have been busier than ever in my life, feels like a dream! PINCH ME - NO STOP, don’t wake me because I have waited for this for almost 5 years now. It is nice to see all my hard work getting recognized. Especial thanks to my designer friends,loyal customers and all my new acquaintances.

New store hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11.00am to 5.30pm. Hopefully, will see you at my store soon.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bringing Room to life with Tribal prints

Today’s guest post is from Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a fabulous source online for lamps and light fixtures for your home at reasonable prices. The Arcadian Lighting blog is a good resource for tips and trends in lighting fixtures. 
Tribal prints, those colorful and bold patterns from around the globe, add so much color, pattern and texture to a room. Bring your rooms to life with tribal prints used in textiles, rugs, curtains, upholstery and other decorative objects. We've gathered some rooms that are alive with tribal pattern. Be inspired!

Tribal prints add amazing color, pattern and texture to a room.  Whether you use fabric, rugs or other materials with tribal prints, these prints will definitely add life to your room.

Tribal prints, in the form of Moroccan poufs and a Kilim rug, liven up this neutral living room. Neutral walls don't compete with the riot of color and pattern from the poufs and rug.

Ikat has become such a popular print it is easy to forget that it is a tribal print from Bali.  Ikat print works for upholstery, curtains, pillows, and rugs... the list goes on and on.

A contemporary bathroom gets a dose of color and style from a tribal print wall hanging and a tribal rug.  Both add color and pattern to the minimalist space.

Navajo rugs and prints are perfect for modern lodge and rustic styles.  These graphic tribal prints and other Southwestern prints are making a comeback.

A Suzani fabric used as a throw and Ikat patterned pillows add color, pattern and texture to this bed.  Mixing different tribal prints with eclectic furnishings and light fixtures gives a room a cool bohemian style.

Tribal prints are not limited to textiles and rugs. These woven baskets have a great graphic pattern that is shown off by hanging them as wall décor in this foyer.

Dutch wax cloth, ubiquitous throughout Africa, is a boldly patterned and colorful tribal print. It is great for pillows, accent pieces, like ottomans, or other decorative accessories.
Thank you for a lovely post Susi.                                     

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ever Heard of Modenus?

Modenus is a place where design professionals and anyone else passionate about interior design can connect in design forums, find inspiration in daily blogs, and see Before and After submissions.

It's a place where you can view fabrics, furniture, tile, lighting, wallpaper, accessories and more from around the world. Filling Spaces is a registered trade professional with Modenus.
How do you find us? You can search for "catalog" in the Resources section. There choose Walls, Windows & Textiles.

Once you find us from anywhere in the world, you can view samples of our fabrics, see what colors are available and a description of the material.

Now the fun begins. Everything is customizable and not expensive. Try us! You'll see.

BTW, one of the hot new trends in motifs is nature. The bottom picture is just one way to bring the outdoors inside.