Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My 1st Giveaway!!

My very First Giveaway!!
1.Comment and tell me your passion,
 If you don’t have a blog you must leave an email address.
2.  You must be a follower so please become one I would love to have you. Leave a comment telling me you are a follower .
3.  FOR 2 chances, please grab my button,tell me so I may return the favor.
The giveaway will end at 6:00pm PST on Sunday, June  2Oth and the winner will be announced Monday morning 
Thank you all! 


  1. So pretty!!!
    I am very passionate about my work..I write for leaving and it’s the best thing ever to get my thoughts on a paper!
    I am so excited for your first giveaway :)
    Have a fantastic day my dear!

  2. My passion is my boyfriend and my dog :) I'm a follower.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  3. Count me in! My passion is being outdoors and photography!


  4. Yay for your first giveaway!! My passion is singing and songwriting :) xo

  5. And I'm a follower. Btw, the bag is gorgeous!!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag, my passion is fashion! as I am sure you could tell :)

  7. Fun, the bag is lovely! My passions are cooking and photography,... and recently, blogging too!

  8. Wow!! Great GiveAway!!
    Love your blog, #1. I am a follower and will be from here on in.

    #2. What I am passionate about is the journey in life along the way, and that my closest friends are brave enough to come along.

    #3. I will post it :)

    Thank-you for visiting my artful site of Interior Designs and art :)


  9. Lovely giveaway! I'd have to say one of my many passions is writing! I don't know what I'd do without this form of expression.

  10. My passion is photography! Great giveaway!

  11. Great giveaway! I've been a follower :) My passion is interior design!

  12. The bag is stunning! Great giveaway. I am a follower. My passion is in painting, Creating art!

    Art by Karena

  13. Hi Deepali, thank you for stopping by my blog. And of course this girl can't resist the opportunity to win a lovely bag. My passion is creating work that will bring a smile on peoples faces. Have a lovely day!

  14. hi thanks for stopping by today ..great giveaway..count me in :)
    my passion is my Art and fashion

    p.s i'm now a follower ...hope to see you around Melli's Designs again xxx

  15. I'm a follower! I love fashion, interior design and shopping but,my passion is my children and the gym. I know that seems odd and doesn't mesh well but, in both instances, I'm helping other people. I love the feeling when I'm serving others but, being a mother just can't be beat!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  16. Following you post-post ;) Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know about the giveaway and your site! I am passionate about many things including life itself and what God is continuing to do in it.

    By the way, beautiful bag!

  17. What a beautiful bag!

    Thanks so much for the visit and the nice comment, so nice to meet you and discover your beautiful blog. :-)

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  18. Hi darling,
    I'm already a follower. I also added your button to my blog. Go ahead and add mine if you'd like (I would love that :-)
    I also posted a link to your giveaway on my side bar.
    My passion? Repurposing furniture and finding treasures at thrift stores. Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Hello,

    Thank you for the message you left on my blog... because of it I was able to discover yours! It is gorgeous (I'm your newest follower so I'll definitely be back again soon!)

    Have a lovely weekend.

    :) Hazel

  20. My passion is my family! What a great giveaway...congrats on it!

  21. My passion is Teaching! Great giveaway! I tried to follow you however I am unsure if it worked. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  22. oh boy. i am now a follower and would die to win this giveaway. i love it!!!!

  23. My greatest passion is my family. Nice bag...did you make it?

  24. wow, love great giveaways. i am your follower and have the passion for vintage. have a great weekend! verbena cottage

  25. Love the bag! I'm a follower! My passion I have JUST recently discovered is writing and my blog about myself and others bringing their pretty back!
    Have a pretty day,

  26. My greatest passions are my family and Interior design.

    Thank you for the invite.

  27. Thanks so very much for your comment and following me!!!!
    I'm following you as well!
    Have a pretty night,

  28. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment this morning! It made my day! THANK YOU!

  29. Hi Deepali, that is one beautiful bag, a great choice for your first giveaway. However, I never enter givaways so please don't count me in.
    Anyway I'll tell you that I have lots of passions but blogging, I mean family comes first!
    Thanks for the invitation and have a splendid day Deepali!

  30. Hi Deepali,

    How exciting to be in on your first give-away! Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention. Your work is wonderful so obviously I'd love to add your bag to my devine possessions! :-)

    My passion is textiles... surround me with fabrics or let me spend a day searching the design center and I'm happy!!

  31. Great give-away and thanks for your nice comment!

  32. So pretty! My passion is decor and blogging!

  33. My biggest passion is living life to the fullest! :) What a great first giveaway!!

  34. That bag is beautiful! I am a follower now.

    Gosh, I think my passion is to assist others. I feel compelled to make those I love more comfortable and to help them reach their goals.

  35. I'm extremely passionate about living life to the fullest and having an enormous amount of fun. This bag would aid this passion :)

  36. Hey lady!! I'm passionate about writing. I love to write. That bag is beautiful!! =)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!! I love designer blogs! Of course I'll follow. =)

  37. I just found your blog and I am so pleased that I did. I would love to have a chance to win this gorgeous bag. I have so many passions in life but The Lord would be the most important and 1st. I am a follower of you blog and I am really looking forward to reading more of it! xx

  38. I have just grabbed your button for my side bar. xx

  39. Great givaway!!
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :)
    Lovely blog!


  40. Thanks for your sweet comments and for adding my button to your blog!

    My passion is blogging!

    I'm a new follower :)


  41. Hello Deepali,
    I love your blog and YOUR BAG IS STUNNING.
    My passion is helping people, especially those who have had children graduate to Heaven. I love Art. My daughter wanted to become an Art Therapist before she was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. My world stopped on Oct 23, 2009 when she graduated to heaven. My profile picture is an art project she made for me and it hangs outside our office. I have found if people, especially those who are ill, are surrounded by beautiful things, creative things, they have a better outlook on their future. My daughter and I always dreamed we were given a certain blank room and based on a color, an object, or character of the person design the room. It was a glorious time.
    I became a follower but it didn't show up...it may be slow. I look forward to a journey with you and your design.
    Angel Hugs
    Simply Debbie

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  43. Hello Deepali, You have visited my blog, and left me a comment. Yes indeed that photo was taken at the Holi Festival that is held every year at the Lotus Temple in Spanish Fork Utah. I have a few more photos on facebook of that great day! I am enjoying your blog and did become a follower. Peace and joy to you and yours! Oh and my passion? Life is my passion! Adventure! finding a new restaurant, or an Indian petroglyph on a rock covered in desert varnish, a different colored piece of seaglass when all I have found for the day is green, or just a beautifully shaped or colored rock! My passion is in finding the beauty in the little things and things less noticed. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a beautiful bag I love what I see of the stitching! Colleen
    colleenf@provo.edu or seaglassandsunshine@blogspot.com

  44. OH I will definitely place your button on my blog...you can check for it here, www.seaglassandsunshine.blogspot.com
    Thanks for being a part of my joy in finding the little things!

  45. hello my friend! How exciting to have your very first giveaway! I don't ever participate in these but THIS one I couldn't pass up! Plus I like how you added the twist of us sharing our passion...well besides the obvious answers of my family, my Church, friends etc...what I have true passion for is nature. The beach, an open field full of wildflowers, the sun on my face...I just love being outdoors!

  46. and I'm a happy follower!! ;-)

  47. I also grabbed your button (don't have one myself) Have a great week! And I just checked out your Whimsy Collection!! I LOVE it!

  48. How fun! Such a great giveaway item - gorgeous bag.

    Thanks for leaving a note on my last post.

  49. Hi,

    Thanks for inviting me over to your first giveway. Lovin' the bag and I can so imagine wearing it with a favorite outfit. Very pretty!

    My passion is living the life I want to live, being true to myself and following my dreams yet making sure I share it with the people who are closest to me in this life.

    Have a wonderful day.

  50. Hi Deepali,
    Thanks for opening your home and business last night! It was wonderful to see the fabrics and hear you speak with so much love and passion for what you do! I'm a follower now!
    My passion in my worklife is helping people to get along with eachother, to help them really listen to eachother and understand so they (re) build harmonious and dynameic relationships. My passion in my personal life is sailing!
    Make it a great day!

  51. My passion is interior decorating. I think about it all the time. I analyze the curb appeal of houses when I'm out walking the dogs. I read decor magazines. I'm taking the Residential Decor at the local college. I love decorating!!

    And of course, I love my hubby and my family and my dogs too :-)


  52. Oh, I hope I win, the bag is so gorgeous! My passion is my husband (for the moment at least, I'm still a newlywed, lol!).

  53. My passion.. my family :) What a lovely giveaway, so happy I made it in time! xx

  54. <<<-- My passion is the jewelry I create.

    I am a follower :)

    I would be happy to add your button ~~~~~~~~~ on my way to do it now...

  55. P.S.
    I need to make a button b4 you can add it, lol.

    I'll let you know when I get one made.

  56. I'm having trouble adding yr button; when you have time, shoot me a message on my blog.
    I'm doing the "copy code & paste thing, but it's not working.

    Also ~ if you can tell me how to make one I'd appreciate it! :)

  57. Hi Deepali, Hope I'm not too late for the giveaway! I'm a follower- joined as soon as I found your blog. Love it!

    My (most recent) passion is blogging- I just started mine two weeks back, and I can't describe the amount of fun I'm having.
    Thanks for everything! :)